AirTag Shock

AirTag shock at the amusement park! followed for hours

There has been a new case of tracking with AirTag in the USA. The family, who went to Disney World, noticed that they were being followed for four hours.

There has been a case of tracking with a new Apple AirTag in the USA. Disney World, one of the most popular amusement parks in the world, turned into a scary place for the US family within hours. Family members said they were "horrified" after learning that they were being followed by AirTag at Disney World.

After a fun day at Disney World, Jennifer Gaston's 17-year-old daughter, Madison Gaston, was notified that she was traveling with the Apple AirTag. “I had no idea what the AirTag was that went around with me,” she said.

He followed the family to Disney World with AirTag

AirTag, developed by Apple for product tracking, has recently been used to track people. The latest example at Disney World, the amusement park in the USA, revealed that the Gaston family was followed for four hours.

Surprised by the notification on his iPhone, Madison Gaston saw a map showing all the places they had walked in the last four hours. After receiving this notification, the Gaston family, who searched all their bags and clothes, returned to the hotel without finding AirTag.

Realizing that they were being followed secretly with AirTag, the family quickly reached the police. The Tennessee Investigation Bureau, which started an investigation into the incident, stated that they had encountered similar cases before. The Bureau recommends that if you find an AirTag that doesn't belong to you, you hand it over to law enforcement.

Jennifer Gaston said she was distraught by this situation. “As a parent, I went crazy at that moment. It's scary to think that someone you don't know is in bad faith,” she said. His daughter Madison stated that she had read about such cases, but she never thought that it would happen to her.

Launched in April last year, Apple Airtag has become the subject of controversy, especially after reports of stalking women increased. Apple, on the other hand, is trying to fix AirTag, which has been the source of privacy concerns for a while, with new updates.

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