Paris Electric Buses

Electric buses are banned! Is it really dangerous?

The use of electric buses was stopped due to the fires that broke out in Paris, the capital of France.

On April 29, a fire broke out in the Bluebus 5SE electric bus in Paris, the capital of France. While the passengers were evacuated immediately, fortunately, no injuries or casualties were reported. It was stated that approximately 30 firefighters intervened and the fire was extinguished in a short time.

In the incident reflected on the cameras, the fire surrounds the ceiling of the bus where the batteries are located. The sparks that spread around with the explosion create great fear. The use of these buses has been stopped in Paris, as this is the second fire on Bolloré Bluebus buses in less than a month.

RATP, a state-owned public transport operator serving Paris, the capital of France, has temporarily stopped the use of Bolloré branded buses following the recent fires. It was stated that a fire broke out in another Bluebus 5SE on April 4, and it was announced that 149 buses were pulled to the skid due to this incident.

RATP made the following statements in its press release:

RATP requested a full report from manufacturer Bolloré to explain the reason for these events. It also demanded some action plans to allow these buses to be fully operational again.

Bolloré company also made a statement, stating that they are actively cooperating with RATP and relevant authorities to determine the cause of the fires. The company, which provides service in France with 149 electric buses, has also become the target of criticism. Bolloré's 12-meter-long electric bus has a capacity of 109 passengers. Home to a 441 kWh battery, the vehicle offers an average range of 320 km. The batteries of the vehicle are collected on the roof and in the back of the bus. The company underlines that Lithium Metal Polymer (LMP) batteries do not contain nickel and cobalt, as well as any liquid components.

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