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Competition is Increasing: Here's Meta's VR Hardware Plan

Meta will appear with four different VR hardware called Cambria, Funston, Stinson and Cardiff in the next 2 years.

Meta has started working to show users the fascinating features of VR and AR technologies. The company will meet users with four different VR headsets, Cambria, Funston, Stinson and Cardiff, within 2 years.

Meta announced that this year it will introduce its VR headset, called Project Cambria. The model, which is expected to be offered to users as Quest Pro, will be introduced in September 2022.

Meta will launch four different VR hardware by 2024

It is claimed that Cambria, which is stated to work with the Android operating system, will be sold for $ 800. Making a statement on the subject, Meta spokesperson said, “The device we developed will have a higher cost than the claims.” made statements.

Funston, the top version of the Cambria model, will be released in 2024. The other two models will appeal to users looking for affordable VR hardware.

It is stated that the Stinson and Cardiff models will be introduced in 2023 and 2024, respectively. Analysts underline that Meta wants to act before its competitors, so it may delay the launch dates.

According to the published report, Meta will announce the Stinson model at the Connect 2023 event. Stinson, which is expected to be introduced at the event to be held in the last quarter of 2023, will be presented to users with uOLED lenses.

It has been revealed that Meta plans to launch the first two pairs of AR glasses, codenamed Nazare and Hypernova, by 2024. Meta is predicted to increase competition in the VR and AR hardware market over the next two years.

Pico introduced the Neo 3 and Neo 3 Pro models to compete with the Quest. Leaving questions about Meta's VR plans unanswered, the company spokesperson said, "We are not commenting on unannounced products and our future roadmap. Unfortunately, I don't have any information to share with you." said.

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