Mouth Haptics

A new era in VR technology: It's possible to feel!

A team from Carnegie Mellon University is using VR technology to use ultrasonic waves to provide a more realistic experience.

Companies have been working on improving the VR experience for a long time. Researchers, who want to offer much more realistic feelings, also want to ensure that VR glasses appeal to other senses besides visual and auditory. Increasing the sensation around the mouth and face also stands out as one of the options.

Most users do not like the idea of covering their mouths as well as their eyes during the VR experience. That's why researchers are working on a variety of options. A team from Carnegie Mellon University is using ultrasonic waves to give VR glasses a more realistic experience.

A new VR experience with ultrasonic waves!

The system developed by university researchers creates a kind of tactile sensation by sending ultrasonic waves towards the lips with the help of a device under the VR glasses. It is aimed to increase the realism of the VR experience by directing ultrasonic waves for different situations with the help of 64 transducers used.

Developed to maximize the user experience, this technology can imitate raindrops, wind and even an insect crawling on your lips. Researchers state that they focus on this area in VR technology, as there are many nerves in and around the mouth, just like in the hands.

This technology, which is currently in the experimental stage, is not yet very successful in reflecting some emotions. For example, the system is insufficient for spider webs or water drops. Researchers who want to make such improvements are also trying to make the VR system smaller and lighter.

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